Hard Drive. Format

I just bought a new western 320 hd. and I formated it with xp, and when it came up with the partishtions I deleted the one that showed up to get the full hd. Well after it was done I noticed that it wasn’t correct so I re-formatted it the 2nd time and when it came up to the make or delete partishtions their was one thing in their but it wouldn’t let me delete it, so I let it format and finish, Now that its done,when I go and get the properties for c drive it shows this.USED 6,205,665,280,bytes. FREE 131,427,943,424 bytes, CAP.;137,427,943,424 bytes.That dosen’t sound right for a 320 gig drive. SOOO were did I mess up?and do I have to reformat it again?

You already posted this question in the Hard Drive forum. Cross-posting is frowned upon. just start over, delete the partition/s, create a new one using the entire disk, and then format.

You have a XP CD that predates SP1, that can not see past the 137GB volume limit.


You do not have to reformat it again, but you will need to use a 3rd party utility to add the rest of the disk to your existing C drive if you do not wish to reformat.