Hard Drive for Dell Dimension 8400

I’d like to upgrade the hard drive in my Dimension 8400 Windows XP Pro. Currently, it has a Western Digital WD800JD-75JNA0. It has an 80Gb, 5400 rpm, sata hard drive. I would like to replace it with something with more capacity and 7200 rpm. I have a few questions.

First, is there a hard drive capacity limit for the Dimension 8400?

Second, what’s a good sata hard drive now…Western Digital, Seagate, etc.?

Third, because I’m looking to get a 7200 rpm hard drive, would it be better to replace the 5400 rpm original with the new hard drive, or would it be OK to make the original the slave, and the new one the master? I’m just worried that the rpm difference could cause problems.

Forth, am I forgetting anything that I should be looking for, worried about, or haven’t concidered?

Any recommendations for a hard drive are more than welcome!

Thanks for the help!!!

According to Dell, the 8400 can handle 1.6 terabytes of storage. How they got that number I’ve no idea. Since you’ll be using SATA drives there is no master/slave setting as with IDE drives, they are on separate channels. So keep the 80 gig for whatever purpose you like. As for one brand over another I couldn’t really make any recommendation. Read some reviews of the drive’s you’re interested in and maybe someone with a definite opinion will post with a suggestion. You might want to think about how you are going to transfer the system (OS, programs, etc.) from your old drive to the new, or just keep the 80gig as your boot drive and use the new for storage or whatever.

Thanks for the reply! 1.6 terabytes? I wasn’t thinking of that much. I’ll be happy with anything over 200Gb with more being nicer. I had heard that companies like Seagate and Western Digital have programs that are free downloads to mirror one drive to the next. I haven’t looked into it yet to see what they have, but, at this point, that’s all I had been thinking. This whole idea of a new hard drive started when I began getting goofy freezes and problems. I couldn’t seem to track the source of the problems, so, I thought what do have to loose, I’ll just do a complete reinstall of everything. Then I thought, if I’m going to reinstall everything, I may as well get a faster and bigger hard drive. Well, based on pure gut feeling, I replaced the power supply with a PC Power and Cooling Dell compatible 500w unit. I haven’t had a problem since, but, I got the bug to upgrade the hard drive now. So, if I can mirror one drive to the next then remove the old one, that’s perfectly fine with me. If I leave it in, then that’s OK too. I guess whatever is easiest will be fine with me, since the psu fixed the instability problems I was having.

If you have WD now get another WD as it makes it slightly easier to
copy your setup.

If this is a desktop don’t install the new drive “instead” of your exsisting drive but “In addition to”

You will LOVE having a large storage drive, but I’d lean towards several “mid sized” drives rather than one enormous one.

Look at newegg and other retailers to see what deals they have, not necissarily on the price of the drive bt often they have “free shipping” on some items.