Hard drive for a computer and duplicator

I have a computer and also a 10 drive duplicator, I want to buy a tera bite hard drive to backup my movies, and be able to burn them to disc when I need to. I have a wytron 899 controller card on my duplicator. It is a standalone unit. I also have a computer that I want to sync with the duplicator. In other words I plan on downloading content and saving it to my hard drive and I want to be able to burn it with my duplicator. It will fit on my duplicator in one of the bays, but it won’t fit in my computer case. I probably would use an external hard drive. I just want to sync the two the best way possible. Thankx for the help in advance.

If it is to go inside the Duplicator, just make sure it can take a 1TRb.
might only be upto 500GB, so check…