Hard drive firmware

can anyone tell me how to back-up (copy) the firmware from hard drives, and install them on a different hard drive?

i never heard of such program,anyway what your thinking of doing even if was possible is completly redicules hdd capacity isnt being determined by its firmware but by its platters

There are threads about HDD firmwares here:

But… erm… why the heck do you want to do this?

I need it for a deferent reason…
Actually, it does the opposite, it make the hard drive capacity smaller.
There are some back up programs that will run only by recognizing that firmware.

you are forgetting some very important thing,even if was possible firmware isnt only a software thingy you also need hardware that fits to it cuz otherwise the hdd youll flash will be lets say no longer useable,as for the programs issue ive never heard of such a thing and if you ask me you should get better ones