Hard Drive Files

A few weeks back my drive went haywire so i installed windows on another drive and ran my computer from that one well today i tryed to get some files off that drive so i set it to slave plugged it in and windows detects it i can access it but when i go into documents and settings and click on my user name it says F:\Documents and Settings\John is not accessible. Access is Denied i think this because my account on that was password protected plus when i look at the properties of the folder it says it has 0 bytes in it but when i scan it with a checker it scans files in the drive can any one help me out with this i really need my picture from that drive.

OS: Windows XP Home SP2
File system: NTFS

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I’m not sure that it can be a solution, but try to run windows in safe mode, and then try again to access to these files. Another solution could be to install the disc on an external box and connecting to computer through USB port.

However, if the HDD is damaged, there is also the possibility that your data are lost :frowning:

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it seems, as you have to take ownership of the directories of the old HDD. There should be articles about that in MS Knowledge Base and possibly in Windows Help.

Or - if you have a FAT32 formatted partition somewhere (or maybe an USB stick will be enough) - get a Live Linux system like Knoppix or Kanotix and rip the files off the old HDD. If that fails, then the disc is indeed bad, and you have to retrieve the files from your backups.

@geno: this doesn’t work as this is a feature of Windows file permissions.


No going into safe mode did not work and i dont use linux or have an external hdd case. There must be some way i can acess those files :confused:

You don’t need to install linux. Knoppix is a “live CD”, i.e. it works from the CD without install anything.

You can use it to access files and move them to another disc. If the HDD is not damaged :frowning:

No shop in my area sells that disk. Geno are you sure there is no tweaks you can do in like reg edit to access the drive???

Knoppix is free. You need to download it from the net. See more details here.

Download is an ISO file around 700 MB, so you need a fast internet connection.

I have no idea about registry tweak, but I think that registry have nothing to do with this issue (sorry if I’m wrong)