Hard Drive Failure, looking to recover data

The hardware: Hitachi 5K500.B-160 160GB 5400 RPM. I believe it’s a Macbook hard drive.

The story: It’s a friends and it failed and he’s looking to recover hoards of music from it. And I mean a lot, also anything else that would be possible to salvage from it.

A coworker took a look at it and tried using some Ubuntu and Linux (magicdisk or something) software to access the hard drive but that failed since the hard drive doesn’t appear to spin up at all.

The BIOs wont recognize it nor will any software nor does it seem to spin up. I tried applying horizontal force if it was stuck but that doesn’t appear to be the problem. Had no luck there.

Not sure what to do now. Any help is appreciated. Basically he’s allowing me to mess around with the hard drive so I’m taking the opportunity to learn more about it.

If it won’t spin up, no software solution is going to work. You might be able to replace the pcb with one that is exactly the same, with the same firmware on it. Good luck trying to find another hard drive with that exact same configuration.

Freezing a hard drive can sometimes give you a brief period where the drive will work again. Put the drive in a ziplock bag and pop it in the freezer for a while. If it comes to life, get as much info off of it as quickly as you can. This may not work in your case…but is something to try.

Last solution is to send it into a data recovery service. Expect a hefty bill for this. $$$$.

Whatever you do, don’t open up the case. Unless you happen to have access to an industrial quality cleanroom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleanroom