Hard Drive Error

Hi all, had a misshap on the weekend and I’m wondering if anyones experienced anything similar. As viewed from my sig I have an old IBM Deskstar 40g (3-4years old) running as slave storage. My Primary drive is SATA and the IBM sits on IDE Channel 1 as a master. On Saturday it souded as if it went into sleep mode, it whirred down and clicked, then it whirrred back up again straight after, but the HDD LED was on constantly and Windows Lost the Drive. I booted into BIOS where the drive always shows up, hit auto scan drive came up 39,900Mb 4001 Cyl etc… BIOS always shows the drive, but Windows loses it after a couple of minutes, I scanned the drive with Partition Magic and it said error #109 the cylinders in BIOS dont match Windows Data. BIOS=4001 Windows=5223. Is the drive stuffed? (I think it is)

I agree with your assessment. They don’t call them DeathStars for nothing. Hope you didn’t lose any important files. I went through 5-6 drive replacements in a row this year; I feel your pain.

Circuit City has the Seagate 80 Gig for $30 after rebates. Should have a 5 year warranty.

I’ve done a bit of HD work, and this may be an obvious and silly question… Do you have another (test) computer you can drop this drive into? Then, if possible, drop a known good drive into your existing (current) computer? I have a test machine that I keep around pretty much for this purpose. It usually saves a lot of time than trying to tinker at a software level running diags. For the record, your drive is probably toast…fortunately, it sounds like you’re not going to lose any data.

Have you checked Hitachi’s Drive Fitness Test (at http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm). I believe this software will work for IBM drives. I am going from memory, but I seem to remember running it on an IBM-branded drive without problems. Check the documentation to be sure.

Thanks Guys, I guess I should be happy with the 4 or so years I got out of the Deathstar. On a brighter note its a great excuse to the wife to RAID it up! At least the storage on the drive was mostly backed up, I’m a bit Anal/Pedantic when it comes to backups, I’ve often asked the guys here at work if I could tap my PC into the network and get tape backups done every night. They generally reply with: Get F@*ked!

@spooks - I’ll give it a whirl and post back.

@ pollushon - Ran across this site a while back, it may be helpful for retrieving data from the drive when all else fails. http://bernardbelanger.com/computing/hd/

Damn those 40GB deathstars! Awhile back, I bought 4 at different times for family/friends computers. Only 1 survives today, and I don’t trust it for s@#t needless to say, but I still use it to anyway for unimportant stuff.

1 was in my sisters comp, died in little over a year with the click of death, used the drive fitness test from IBM and it fully recovered running fine for quite awhile with no unrecovered sectors, then died fatally a few months ago.

Another was in a friend of mines computer that I built for him couple years ago, just died a few days ago. Have his comp at my house right now doing up his new HDD for him in my spare time. Luckily it still would run in PIO mode so I was able to backup all his stuff. This one acted almost the exact opposite of yours pollushon. This drive WOULDN’T show up in the bios anymore, but it DID run fine in Windows (well, if you call PIO fine… lol slower than crap, but DMA just would NOT enable). I don’t know if running the drive fitness test utilities will recover this one, don’t know if I’ll even bother trying anyway.

I can’t remember who had the 4th one right now but it went crunch too. Ya I hate that freakin drive.

I been buying WD mostly lately, never have a problem with them. Have bought several of them over the years, and I can’t think of a single one that has failed for anyone. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but WD has been very good to me. I even have some pretty dang old WD drives around that still work perfectly, only retired because theyre just too damn small. :slight_smile:


I had two WD’s die on me :expressionless:

The first one straight after I’d moved EVERYTHING to the new HD… and then repartitioned my raid array … and was just starting to put it all back …

The replacement failed 6 months later.

Bad batch maybe?

I’ve never had a maxtor die on me yet, neither a fujitsu, but Fujitsu aren’t in the 3.5" HD market anymore.

Seagate I wouldn’t touch with a 60ft pole. I’ve just seen too many of them, new or relatively new pack it up … spanning the last 8 years, many different sizes and models.

HDDs dies irregardless of brand, that’s a fact. As for Deskstars only 75GXP were really bad. I’ve installed lots if Deskstar (60GXP, 120GXP, 180GXP, 7K250 and they all work fine. I’m not saying that Hitachi is the way to go but they have a great performance and price ratio and are silent (Seagate’s HDDs are actually louder). Samsung had a bad reprutation a few years ago but their new drives seems to have the same quality as any other brand…

Ran every test known to man, what I’ve worked out is when the drives cold its fine. Come 28c+ and she’s got defective sectors all over the place, never in the same spot twice. I managed to drag the data off it and now I’m gonna crack it open and make it a display piece.

Glad you were able to retrieve your data! :iagree:

Great information all, but does anyone know what Partition Magic error 4001 means… And is there a way to copy a partition with this error?

:< :frowning: