Hard drive enclosure question

I was wondering, if I have an ide hard drive that was previouslly installed in a computer, can I just install it in an external enclosure like it is and access the data already on it or does a drive have to be freshly formated to work with an enclosure?

You can do this; a drive doesn’t require to be freshly formatted.

I confirm that.

In this way I was able to see what there is on the “System Volume Information” folder… here windows store data of system restores :bigsmile:

Thanks, thats kind of what I figured. I just thought I beter check before I go risking 200 gig’s of data trying it.

I have used external enclosures to retreive data from hard drives with OS’s on them quite a bit. lately I found and even easy way. Bytecc makes a kit with just the usb2.0 cable and power connector\cord that supports 3.5" hard drives and 2.5" laptop drives ( as well as CD\DVD drives) I have allready used it several times to retrieve data. and I dont have to mess with an external enclosure at all.

Absolutely no problem doing that, it is still the same hard drive, the same data except for the fact it now uses the USB interface. I personally use the ADSTECH 3.5 enclosure which is compatible with both hard drives and CD/DVD ROM/Writers and it works great !

I hooked it up earlier today and no problems.