Hard Drive Duplication

i have a 20 gb disk and just bought a new one 60 gb. I have windows xp and i want to copy every file from the old drive to the new one, including windows system and hidden files. in short make a 1:1 copy of the old drive to the new. The problem is i cant find a program to do just that on NTFS. Norton Ghost doesnt work on NTFS. Wich ghost program can i use? help!

If you have ibm hardisks you can use ibm disk manager 2000 and maxtor also have a program but i dont remember the name

Latest version of Norton Ghost Corporate Edition (i think 7.5) & Norton Ghost 2002 works with NTFS.

I think they are the best Cloning progs.

Which version did you try.

The same can be done with Powerquest Partitionmagic 7 and/or
Powerquest DriveImage 5.


I have Partition Magic 7 Pro.

Now, how do we clone a partition in PM7?

I don’t have drive image.