Hard Drive Corruption



Well a couple of days ago, 1 of my drives starting to become corrupt all over the filesystem. Anyway, I am working on recovering data right now. After I get what I need (if I can) off of it, I am planning on formatting it. It is in 3 partitions right now, I would format all 3 partitions and then make the drive 1 partition.
The drive is an 80gb Maxtor.

Is it a bad idea to try and store data on it again? It hasn’t been making any clicking noises at all, just file corruption. chkdsk just chokes on it and doesn’t fix anything, so I can’t check for bad sectors.

After I format I will run a chkdsk again and see if it has any bad sectors. If it doens’t have bad sectors I will try to store data on it. Anyone think that is a bad idea?

Also, would a high level of fragmentation cause corruption? I was being pretty negligble in defragmenting it.




Gigabyte GA7N400 Pro 2. I didnt mention it because I didn’t think it was pertinent to the hard drive.

Is there a reason you ask?



I would advise going on the Maxtor site and downlowding their disc maintenance programs and reformat the drive and do some disc analysis with their programs to determine the health of the drive BEFORE placing any files back on the drive-

Probably should limit the partitions to two - IMO

Get a cheapo version of “Diskeeper9” doing a google search (I paid $13 shipped for mine) - it is just the greatest defragging program in the whole world - I defrag every night before shutting down and it takes all of 10-15 seconds with Diskeeper9-

Lack of defragging is one of the biggest reasons for hard drive failure IMO-



im about 98% sure its due to bad sectors the best programs for gettin data off those are spinrite/hdd regenerator they arent free but worth the $ , 1 partition isnt a good idea unless you have another hard drive for the operating system cuz if you have only 1 its a pain cuz when having few partitions you can store important files on the other partition/s and you wont lose em when youll need to format , as for should you trust that hd again in my opinion definently not and just a tip for the future get yourself an ide hd+external enclosure and use a backup software like genie backup manager pro its always good to have important data backed up , i highly doubt fragmentation have anything to do with it and ive never heard of any case that it caused data loss

@bigmike7 good idea , heres the links



I have 3 hdds. This 80gb is only has music and some other random files on it. My os is on another drive. I have diskeeper lite. But like I said I was being lazy defragging it (shame on me, I know).
I am running get data back right now. I will see how that works.

Thanks for the links to the maxtor utilities.


that program is useless for data loss caused by bad sectors , as i said before best for those are spinrite/hdd regenerator


I’m wondering if it’s not bad sectors. Because right now it’s recovering most of eveything. I’m wondering if the partition table got messed up or something. I will try to recover the remaining data with the above mentioned programs once this is done.


instead of wondering use powermax later and youll know for sure , anyway just incase you arent aware its not good to save the recovered data to same partition it was recovered from , and remember even if a software manages to recover certain data that doesnt have to mean the data recovered will be in good condition i suggest youll check every file recovered for example if its txt/doc/rtf open em and see if all there or if you see junk another example if mp3/wav files play em not from start to end just skip it here n there til the end


Yep I have been testing the files as I go. Most seem fine. I am also saving the recovered files to another pc over the network. But it will take me time to test 8000 files. Well, it’s better than no having them at all.

Thanks for all the tips.


Do you use the SiL3112 chip?
Data corruption occured quite frequently using it (just give it a spin on google if you dont belive me) but they “fixed” it later on (new drivers) but it’s not very good to start with.


No it is the SiL 3512 SATA chip. The drive that was corrupted was a PATA drive anyway. After I recovered the data a formatted it back into 1 partition. Then I rebooted and ran the Powermax utility. I had it do an advanced test. After a while it came back and said the drive was in perfect condition. I’m assuming it did a full sector scan?? I don’t have anything stored on it yet. But I went and bought a 160gb drive for temporary storage.


Oh, you have rev 2 :slight_smile: