Hard Drive Blues

I need some help BAD. I have an HP hard drive that is going bad. I can see that it is loosing sectors rapidly. My problem is that I need to know how to copy the LOW LEVEL FORMAT information to anew drive because I only have the HP recovery disc’s and they will not work on a new drive. I am not the greatest computer man in the world. I want to be able to restore my software from the RECOVERY disc’s. I know that this is simple for somebody out there. I know just enough to be Dangerous to my own system. HELP PLEASE.
Thanks Krazee1 :confused:

Do you have a burner?

Yes, it is part of my HP system.

Yes, I have a CD -RW in the unit.

I am new to this site and am having some problems following. Yes, I have a CD-RW as part of the system configuration.