Hard Drive benchmark



I just got the latest Sandra Max 2003.7.9.73 and its absolutley amazing. However, it nor anything else I can find does HDD benchmarks or testing. I suspect my hdd is slow and it keeps me unhappy. Software executes slow, and takes seconds to load. I mean the new CPU power shows off more than my old 500mhz but its still slower than my friends 2ghz, and my sisters XP 1500 just about matches it. I have been considering the WD Raptor which promises very fast performance. Only thing my friend has over me is cache. I got a 60gig with 2mb cache 7200rpm and he has an 80gig 8mb cache 7200 rpm. Does cache really make so much diff. Our avg seek and access time is just about the same. I wish there was a way to run software to benchmark or test the drive ability so that I can at least have a point of reference.

Any suggestions anyone?

just a thought from the blue, can it be cause its on my onboard promise controller (meant for raid but being used as an extra ide controller) that it is somehow slowed down?

I have serial ata available but am not using it.


Also, please don’t suggest RAID, Ilike having diff drive letters fro diff drives.


Do a search for ATTO right here.



confused as to which i should download. i wanan compare my ide drives to the new raptor for example.

any links?


Sure we’ve got links… check this one :wink: