Hard Drive backup of audio

Well I’ve come to realize I’ve gotten quite a large collection of lossless music (and personal digital pics) on my hands these past few years and I need a more reliable way to store it all. Right now I’ve been burning all my backup to DVD-R discs but obvoiusly they have limitations. Years ago before DVD-R I was burning on to CD-R but now when I go to retrieve the files a few of the discs are giving me errors and I cant recover any data from them :frowning: I dont want the same thing to happen with my DVD backups and I figure hard drives are so cheap these days why not go in that direction.

I know some of you guys are hardcore but I’m looking for a simple solution nothing fancy. I can get a 250 gig seagate for around $100 or less if I wait for the right deal, get an external enclosure or buy another computer tower that will house about 5 hard drives, maybe once a week archive my lossless audio from my master PC to the backup drive(s). So really these hard drives will see very little duty, only when I’m backing up then I’ll shut them down again, I should get a least a few years out of them right?

I guess I just need some advice as to what exactly I need to get started on this project besides the hard drives and enclosure. What do I need to trasfer the files from my master pc to the backup drive? any other special requirements?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

i can say “winoncd” grabs the best, after that rar archive the tracks with the recovery record enabled, so you will know if something goes wrong with the data checking the archive.