Hard drive apps, and storage issues

Can I mix seagate and maxtor (same company) Internally and Externally on my system. Same rated 300/Sata…if not, any reason why I couldnt or even why I would use my old (compaq) 80GB IDE hard drive along with other newer SATA hard drives on a new 500w Antec PSU?Asus P5K Deluxe LLA775?:doh:

what does paging mean?

With two or three hard drives,(2-internal,1-external) One XP OS on One main internal hard drive to run all applications (photoshop too) and data on backup Hard drives?:doh:

I am thinking about a rebuild as I mentioned on this site recently. What I want to do is use an external USB,or 4e-sata 500GB hard drive for all my photoshop - psd.jpgs, illustrator files, and mp3 music files. Also use an internal 160 or 300 GB to run all my applications from.

I was at Fry’s and a tekki who dabbles in Video editing and Photoshop said that I should use an extra internal hard drive Only for paging Photoshop files to free up the hard drive space and to run lightnin’ fast. Does he mean basically to have an internal HD for the applications, a HD only to run Photoshop program and all its fil data,and three to also have an external HD to store all the data? I am …totally.:confused:

I want to be able to edit video, old camcorder tapes onto VCD or DVD. Alo have huge itunes library and huge Mp3 files I need to store.

What would be the ideal setting? Thanx

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Paging is a way for the operating system to pretend that it has more memory than it actyally does, by temporarily using the harddrive for storing pages of memory.

Photoshop also has it’s “own scratch disk” used for temporary storage; you can change the location of the Photoshop scratch disk if you want.

Buying a harddrive for the sole purpose of using it for Photoshop scratch disk seems like a bad idea; I’d suggest buying more memory (RAM) instead if Photoshop requires more memory than you have.