Hard disk space Missing In Action!

This is regarding a damn problem wcich ahs been pestering me for a long time now. I have my prim drive created thru fdisk of 2.5gb but after i install only XP and nothing else on it But as earlier i am remaining with 400mb of space. When checked windows (900mb) progra~1(400) which adds upto 1.3 IOW 800mb is gone somewhere i cant find it? it cant be slack right?

also documents and settings have a few files and i have checked everywhere pls advice urgent!

oops gotta go low on disk space again!!! bummer

I seen this problem before with Windows XP. It’s either hiding a Swap file or a Hibernate file. To check for these hidden files, go to the command prompt (start, Run… and type cmd). Type the following command:

DIR C:\ /A /OS

This displays the contents of the root directory including hidden and system files in ordered by size. If you see a large hiberfil.sys file or .SWP file, then this is probably what’s taking up that extra space. If you have a hiberfil.sys file and don’t plan on using the Hibernate feature in XP, go to Control Panel, run the ‘Power Options’ icon, select the ‘Hibernate’ tab and uncheck ‘Enable Hibernation’. To change the size of your swap file, right click ‘My Computer’, click ‘Properties’, click ‘Advanced’ tab, click ‘Settings’ in the Performance, click the ‘Advanced’ tab, click the change button on the bottom. In here you can change your swap file size. Don’t forget to click ‘Set’ before clicking OK, or windows will not keep the new settings.

hi still i have 500 megs missing u know! its very frustrating since if i knew this i would have allocated more space for c:.

tell me is this a common prob with XP or sumten, and any other suggestions are welcome i have checked swp, hiberfil, recycled and everything

many thanx

system restore?

Go to My Computer | Tools | Folder Options | View | and check “Display the contents of System Folders” and “Show hidden files and folders”, then Apply or OK. My Computer will then show the total contents of your drive without having to go to DOS.

Before I disabled it, my Hibernate file was over 800 MB. My Pagefile.sys (swap file) was over 500 MB before adjustment.

Check to see if you still have a Hibernate file and report the size if it is still present. If you have disabled the Hibernate file, then your Pagefile is probably using the 500 MB that you are looking for.

Did you adjust the size of the Pagefile as seanbyrne suggested. Check to see the size of your Pagefile.sys file and report the size to us.

thanks sean byrne and inertia

I guess the culprits are after all hiberfil.sys, system restore and the swp file.

BTW i have put the swp file on to another partition this is ok right? i wont have a drop in performance right? so far the baby is working fine

just some advice dudes thanx a lot!

also how do u insert the pic into ur log in name and how do u acquire the picture? do i have to earn it by being a member so sometime?

thanx again!

It seems that each new release Windows has something that will eat space and not report it. But it does look like that you have under control.

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I to am having a similar problem, I reformatted my HD and reinstalled windows on my 250GB HD, but now its saying that I only have 50 GB free, when I have just the OS and like 10 apps installed on the HD, I tried that command prompt command and the biggest file is this: 1,610,612,736 pagefile.sys, how do I fix this problem!?! :sad:

Hello :slight_smile:

It’smost likely the “System Restore” feature. I have that same phenomenon on my Vista machine - within one week of computing 7 gigabytes of space “disappear” but when i use the “Disk Cleanup” tool i get the options of what to delete - amongs those are the “All but most recent system restore point” and when i select that, i get my 7 gigabytes back :slight_smile:

Now i gave Vista a whole 60 GB partition all for itself so it doesn’t matter anymore… but then Windows is flexible and adapts to everything: “Regardless how much space you have, Windows will find out and sooner or later demand 12 kilobytes more than available”.

Best regards…