Hard disk space lost after burning CD!?

I burned one audio CD after another using Nero 6 Ultra edition under Windows XP. The first compilation was burned up smoothly, but at the beginning of the second one, there appeared to be an insufficiency of virtual memory, after which Windows terminated the process and started Disk cleanup. After it finished cleaning up files, I burned the CD again using “the same project” option, but when it was all finished, about 500MB were gone!
How can I free up my hard disk space?!
I used Disk cleanup again, and deleted the Prefetch folder, but that’s not it! I even used Disk Investigator, but all I came up with is to disable Hibernation.
Any kind of hlp would be MUCH appreciated,
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Pahomije :a

right click on the drive icon in my computer

when you look at proerties you can see how much space is left.

i guess nero back-ups the data first to make an image and then burn this image from your project. This takes space.

Thank You for Your fast reply.
That seems to be the main problem-I had more than 1.2 GB of free space according to the system information, but now I have about 0.67 GB!
By the way, where does Nero store its images?
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you can find that here;

open nero
go to the file tab
go to the cache tab


Thank You damiandimitri!
It worked out-all I needed to do is uncheck the “cache” option in the “Preferences->Cache” tab and press apply-now I have my free space back!
Grateful FOREVER!
Knowledge IS power!!! :bow: :smiley:

you are very welcome

but you might be forced to put on the cache for some projects…
if you get other programs…point the cache directory to an other harddisk if you have one

Thanks for the advice again, damiandimitri!
By the way, can I clean my cache once in a while after I finish the burning process?

yes you can…but i expected it to clean itself

IMHO, using the cache in Nero makes very little sense:


i thought it was used as a buffer for burning…besides the burners internal buffer.

anyway if it works with out…disable it