Hard Disk Sentinel version 4.60 released



I want to inform you that Hard Disk Sentinel version 4.60 released and available for download.
The updated version 4.60 offers advanced compatibility with lots of hardware devices: support of newer SSDs, hard disks, motherboard chipsets, RAID controllers, internal and external hard disk enclosures, single- and multi-drive adapters, backplanes, docking stations, memory cards and pendrives.

It is recommended to update the existing version by the automatic update from the File menu - or by manual installation of the updated version to the same folder where the previous one installed (no uninstallation required) to automatically use all previous statistics, settings, logs, registration details.

If you have successfully registered and activated any previous version (with your personal lifetime license), the updated version will be also registered and activated. If you prefer to download manually, please make sure you download the correct version you already have installed (standard or PROFESSIONAL).
Some of updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.60:

[li]advanced disk controller information (driver version, date, USB speed) display[/li][li]advanced hard disk surface test error detection / reporting method[/li][li]improved error-logging and real-time performance monitoring[/li][li]added support for HP Smart Array RAID controllers: detection of hard disk status when HP RAID controller used[/li][li]added support for Accusys, RaidON, CineRAID and further internal / external RAID enclosures[/li][li]improved support of ASMedia SATA controllers, Adaptec, Avago, Intel, Promise, LSI, Dell SAS RAID controllers[/li][li]improved support of new SSD models from various manufacturers (AData, Corsair, Crucial, Intel, Kingmax, Kingfast, Kingston, LiteOn, OCZ, Plextor, PNY, Samsung, Sandisk, Smartbuy, Toshiba, Transcend)[/li][li]improved support of Windows 10 TP OS[/li][/ul]For the full list of updates, modifications, improved hardware support,
please view http://www.hdsentinel.com/revision.php

Download the new version from http://www.hdsentinel.com
If you have any questions or I can help, please use Report menu Send test report to developer option as then it is possible the check and assist in the actual situation.
Best wishes
Janos Mathe
CEO / Leading developer


Guess I need to update . Thanks alan