Hard Disk Sentinel updates

The latest beta version Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.30.11 available from:

with improved support of various RAID controllers, hard disks and SSDs.

If you prefer to check this version and to confirm if things work correctly, please use “Report menu -> Send test report to developer” option any time as it is possible to check the actual situations.
Such reports always help further development :bow:

Will there be a portable beta too?:slight_smile:

Of course :slight_smile:

Please download this file:

and extract to a (new) folder on a pendrive. Starting HDSentinel.exe from this folder starts the Portable version

THX Janos!:slight_smile:

I want to inform you that [B]Hard Disk Sentinel[/B] version 4.40 released and available for download.

It is recommended to update the existing version by the automatic update from the [B]File[/B] menu - or by manual installation of the updated version to the same folder where the previous one installed (no uninstallation required) to automatically use all previous statistics, settings, logs, registration details…

If you have successfully registered and activated any previous version (with a lifetime license), the updated version will be also registered and activated. If you plan to download manually, please make sure you download the correct version you already have installed ([B]standard[/B] or [B]PROFESSIONAL[/B]).

[B]Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.40:[/B]

[li]option to examine / export S.M.A.R.T. attribute changes with time[/li][li]important update for hardware self tests (short self test / extended self test)[/li][li]important update for various external hard disk models, added support for newer USB hard disk drives, SSDs, high-capacity hard disks[/li][li]more sensitive error logging, improved SSD health reporting on various newer SSD models (ADATA, OCZ, Samsung, Plextor, etc)[/li][li]improved detection and adjust of hard disk features[/li][li]improved and added support of various RAID controllers (Adaptec, Promise, HighPoint, etc.)[/li][li]fixed service startup problem on non-English Windows OSes and minor problems[/li][/ul]
For the full list of updates, modifications, improved hardware support,
please view http://www.hdsentinel.com/revision.php

Download the new version from http://www.hdsentinel.com
If you have any questions or we can help, please use [B]Report[/B] menu [B]Send test report to developer [/B]option as then it is possible to assist in the actual situation.


Janos Mathe

Direct link for the installer of the updated version (Hard Disk Sentinel Pro / Trial):

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable:

Is the activation scheme changed?:slight_smile:
I mostly use the portable version,and always import the activated .hbk keyfile from the previous version,wich worked well until v 4.40.
Now I had to register and activate again,but there are no hardware changes made on my laptop…
Anyway,the new version is working fine here!:iagree:

Generally, the activation scheme did not change.
But I can confirm that simply importing the HDK file does not work.

It is an activated file - but does not work independently, only if you save the registration code (15 digit number) and your user name as well.

So if you prefer to activate with the HDSentinel.HDK file, you’d need to previously

  1. use Help -> Enter registration key
  2. enter your “Registration Name” and “Registration Key” (the 15 digit number)
  3. click on “Registration and activation by e-mail” to store the above information
  4. use the “Load activated keyfile” to load the HDSentinel.HDK file to activate the software

Just did a a test with 4.30…
I removed the .hbk keyfile from the HDSData folder,and 4.30 started up as unregistered…
Then I imported the keyfile from 4.40 to 4.30 and 4.30 came up registered…no extra steps needed…

Yes of course.

As you already had registered and activated, your registration details already saved.
If you removed the HDSentinel.HDK file, these registration data still available.
So importing the HDSentinel.HDK file now work again.

The steps I wrote may be required on full, clean install - if Hard Disk Sentinel never used before.

I see…thx for clearing this up…:smiley:

Hard Disk Sentinel version 4.50 released today.

The list of most important changes in this version:

  • Disk -> Short self test, Extended self test options available for SCSI and SAS hard disks
  • option to disable “Always-on-top” behaviour of Status Windows
  • added support for Promise 4650, 8650, 16650 SATA/SAS controllers
  • added support for LSI SAS3 (SAS 12G) 3008 Fury Series SATA/SAS RAID controllers
  • added support for IBM SATA/SAS and Broadcom / RaidCore RAID controllers
  • advanced error logging, improved SSD health reporting on various newer SSD models (Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, Sandisk, etc)
  • improved and added support of various RAID controllers (LSI, IBM, AMD, etc.)
  • fixed “connection timeout” errors displayed with @gmail account
  • improved support of Windows 8.1 OS

For the full list of updates, please view http://www.hdsentinel.com/revision.php

Download the new version after clicking on DOWNLOAD button at http://www.hdsentinel.com or by using the automatic update from File menu.

THX for keeping this great program updated so often…:bow: