Hard Disk Sentinel support questions and answers



In this thread, we can discuss any questions, thoughts, experiences. I’d be more than happy to help and assist in all possible ways for any problem(s) you may experience :wink:


I recently purchased and downloaded HD Sentinel Pro. However, I don’t have the activation key for the software. My HDD died, and I lost my Outlook emails, so don’t have anything from the vendor. Any ideas on how to get a new activation key? My order number, email address, and credit card info doesn’t work on the Digital River/Share-It website doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I’m terrible sorry to hear what happened. Generally, this is what we want to avoid and fight against possible problems which can cause data loss.

I just sent the registration information to your original e-mail address I found in the records, I hope you’ll receive it shortly. If not, please send a mail to info @ hdsentinel.com for help.


Announcement: OpenSSL security risk

Recently a security issue “TLS heartbeat read overrun” revealed which related to some version of OpenSSL libraries.

Here we confirm that Hard Disk Sentinel is NOT AFFECTED by the security issue.

Hard Disk Sentinel uses OpenSSL libraries, specifically version 0.9.8l which is not affected by the Heartbeat security issue.
So there is no security risk when using Hard Disk Sentinel with OpenSSL.

OpenSSL Security Advisory [07 Apr 2014]

TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160)

Only 1.0.1 and 1.0.2-beta releases of OpenSSL are affected including 1.0.1f and 1.0.2-beta1.


i just bought hds down loaded installed went to run it crashed my system redid 3 more times same thing looked up all hardware is in complatible list need help please


Excuse me for the troubles. This sounds really interesting.

Generally, Hard Disk Sentinel designed to be fully compatible with all Windows OSes and hardware devices and should never cause such or similar.
It is possible that a driver for the current hard disk controller (motherboard) has a problem and when Hard Disk Sentinel tries to access the hard disk status, the driver crashes.

How the crash happens? The mouse and all apps seems stuck?
Or do you see blue screen of death (BSOD)? Then if you can write down the detais (or make a photo with your mobile and send to info @ hdsentinel . com ) it may help as it can reveal the possible driver which needs an update.

Do you see the crash immediately on startup? Or does the software starts and you experience problem after some time?

The best would be if you can use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option. Then it is possible to check the actual situation, what Hard Disk Sentinel could (and could not) detect, verify the driver version and possible errors the OS reported.

What happens if you press F8 before booting Windows and select SAFE mode? Then you can still start Hard Disk Sentinel and check if there is any difference. If so, maybe a different tool/software (which is not active in SAFE mode, just in normal Windows operation) is causing a compatibility problem which is not yet known, as no other user reported anything similar.
It would be nice to investigate and improve the situation in all possible ways.


If you are using CryptoPrevent as part of your security .
You may need to “Undo” to install some software,
I haven’t tested this with HDS but it is a possibility.


As I tested, such tools (like also Truecrypt) may cause that they completely block access to hard disk, so even hard disk status can’t be accessed.

But I never experienced crashes or similar, the worst thing was that the hard disk status was not displayed, then Hard Disk Sentinel display it as “unknown”.


HDS seems to work correctly with CryptoPrevent installed & applied.

What I posted above is I’ve had some software that CryptoPrevent prevented installation. If that happens you need to 'Undo protection" temporarily & install the software. The “Apply protection” after .
I already had HDS installed prior to when I installed CryptoPrevent . So there was never a problem I’ve had.
I have had CryptoPrevent prevent installation of some various software I tried to install since. The temporarary “Undo” has worked every time & “Apply” again I’ve had no problems.
This is just a minor problem to me & I intend to keep using CryptoPrevent.
I just thought if vc59755 has CryptoPrevent it might be the problem.


Is there a API for Hard Disk Sentinel?
any example code in C#?


Not sure about the actual idea or requirement, but yes, there are numerous ways to have the detected data exported (including all details about the drives) to make it available in other tools. This allows registered version of Hard Disk Sentinel to be integrated easily in other monitoring environments.

Yes, there is a simple API (using Windows Messages) to collect basic information.
by using very simple SendMessage commands.
This offers limited information but also some commands like the hard disk testing.
I can provide a demo tool with source to check.
The source code is in Borland Delphi 7, but can be very easy to re-write or make similar functionality in other languages (just need to use FindWindow / SendMessage)

Or if you prefer to get complete detected hard disk information with all details to be processed, you may try to

  • enable Configuration -> Advanced options -> Generate and update XML file
    as then HDSentinel constantly saves the detected hard disk status information to a configured XML file after each detection cycles (its frequency is adjustable on the top of Configuration -> Advanced options page)

This is designed exactly to allow other software to process the detected information, for example to store in a database
I can provide very simply VBS script to illustrate how the XML file can be processed and relevant information retrieved.

  • or an other solution:
    enable Configuration -> Integration -> Enable WebStatus
    and then the XML file could be collected with simple HTTP query to

The result (XML file with information) is the same, just it is accessible even from remotely. This method is used for example in the “remote access gadget” made by Mr. Scott Mark ( http://www.hdsentinel.com/add-on-remote-gadget.php )

There is a completely different solution: to NOT have Hard Disk Sentinel, but integrate the required detection functionality (by DLL files) in your project, and then you can get programmatically all information. This is integrated in some projects, for example if you know DriveBender software, they do this: license the complete API which runs completely independently from Hard Disk Sentinel.

Please write me on info@hdsentinel.com and let me know which option may be interesting.