Hard Disk not booting...please help :(


Im having a 160Gb Seagate Hdd and a 400Gb Hitachi Hdd with 3

partitions each. I had Vista installed on the Seagate hdd while

there was no OS on the other hdd. Something happened and my

Seagate hdd stopped booting suddenly. So I was left without an OS.

On trying to use the Vista Recovery CD, the Seagate Hdd was shown

as one single partition as RAW and when I tried to open the

partition, the recovery asked me if I would like to format the

drive. I could not do that since theres a lot of valuable data on

that drive.

So I used Fedora Linux CD and emptied the contents of one of the

400gb hdd onto another partition to have an empty partition on

that hdd and then I installed Vista on that hdd.

So, I was left with the 400gb hdd with Vista and my old 160gb hdd

which wasnt accessible no matter what I tried. It just shows as

one drive which is actually 3 drives…

I used GetDataBack software on the new hdd to get my data from the

old hdd and I noticed that the software actually managed to read

my hard disk since it detected a lot of my files. I tried to

recover them onto the safe hard disk but none of them work. Jpgs,

avi, exe,…none of them open in their respectible softwares.

But now I want to repair my Seagate hdd coz a lot of my software

settings were saved in that hdd which would be lost now. Im still

unsure of what really happened but I believe that there would be a

work around for this.

Please help, people.

Sounds like Seagate HDD is damaged. If the software was unable to recover the files, then there isn’t much you can do. You could try different software, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope in recovering anything. Do a search on data recovery and you will find many options, most will let you download a trial version to see if any data can be found. From past experience, when files that are unusable after being recovered with one software, it will be the same with the others.