Hard disc drive recommendations wanted

Doing legacy build and need IDE/EIDE internal hard drive (500GB). Google searches turned up the following:
All four look to fit my needs. Guess I’m looking for a ‘tie-breaker’, so I don’t have to flip a coin! Which do you think is better, and why? I will be using Linux, so hard drive must ‘just work’.

I would leave the first out, seems to be a AV hdd.
Any from the other 3 should do, get the cheapest one…

You say you must have an IDE drive?

Good luck finding any of them in stock for non-abusive prices.

You CAN find a WD3200AAJB in stock at Newegg for $79

But I should point out that $79 is more than I will pay for a 1.5TB drive

Legacy build?

Are you SURE that the computer you are building has an Intel Chipset 865 or newer? because a friend recently ran into trouble trying to rebuild and upgrade
an older machine… I could have told him he’d have “issues”…

His older intel chipset did not support 48LBA so it was limited to 128/134gb drives

The computers that will accept larger drives (>120gb) that do not also have SATA ports on the MoBo are a rather narrow selection.

Just trying to save you some A&I (Aggrevation & Irritation)…

I bought adapters that plugged into the back of my old IDE drives to convert to SATA and they worked fine, pretty sure you can get a adepter or a card that will add SATA ports to a older board like you have then you can use newer drives.
I have used the adapter cards that add extra SATA ports and they also work as long as you get one with a decent chipset in it.
I have a Silicon Image 3124 controller in here as nobody makes boards with extra redundant ports for geeks like me that like to fully load a tower case with drives anymore. I put in the non raid firmware and it works great with my extra burners and hard drives so that would be another option and I think I paid 20 to 25 shipped from a eBay seller. Has like 6 extra ports on it I think, haven’t opened up my box in a while so I just know everything still works fine and I have 5 HD and 6 opticals in here right now. There is a list here of what cards work well though not sure how up to date it is these days but I used that to help me decide what generic card to buy when I needed the extra ports.

I think Hitachi Deskstar series is very good.

[QUOTE=chef;2691738]I would leave the first out, seems to be a AV hdd.
Any from the other 3 should do, get the cheapest one…[/QUOTE]

I’ll focus on the other three. I googled “AV hdd”, but wasn’t able to find much negatives about them. Are they not compatible to Linux? Just curious.

All the motherboards I am considering have plenty of SATA connectors already. I will need to add expansion card for eSATA though, and depending on which board I pick, I will also need adapter card to add firewire and/or USB 2.0.

I want the 500GB IDE/EIDE hard drive to occupy one of the two spots on the IDE connector. Other spot will go to a DVD burner, but that’s a can of worms to open later.

They are called “AV somewhat” for a good reason.
AV is their main purpose, defined by the manufacturer.

WHY shouldnt they be compatible with Linux???