Hard Disc Corrupt? or Virus? no idea

Greetings to everyone!!
so my story starts like this… i have an “ACER TRAVELMATE 4740” laptop and was working fine, untill one day it stared acting lil’ slowly… specially playing video files…

First it started with avi files …they use to lag during playback.then as time passed the lagging increased and other video formats also started lagging… i was so frustrated with this that i just uninstalled the video player (Klite Codec Pack) i tried all other players (VLC, Windows Media, KMPlayer) but the problem presisted… i had no option so i just formated C: drive and reinstalled windows.

Now, after the installation i again tried playing avi files, still they were lagging… nw my frustration increased, i just installed Norton Antivirus and scanned whole PC no virus were found… thn i uninstalled and used some other virus programs but no virus were detected… so thn i just formated the C: dive again and installed Win 7 2nd time…

Now, from this time windows boot time increased… every time i start windows it takes a lil more time than usual… so i thought it could be a “Hard Disc” Issue… i defragmented all drives… i used “chkdsk” on C: there were no errors

Now i reinstalled the Windows 7 again… the boot time again increased than earlier… one thing i’ve not mentioned that only the “startup” was slow but the “shutdown” was fast (normal). I installed some important apps and rebooted… it worked fine for a while then the next day whn i booted it says “Windows needs to recover” and stared “System Restore”
So i applied system restore… after which it booted successfully…
Now after using it for some hours (installing softwares/drivers) after another reboot it showed similar error i.e. “System Restore” but this time it took forever to restore (3-hrs) which i ended (!!out of frustration…!!) by switching off manually…

After this i again tried to format with win7 but now System was unable to load the files frm the disc… …i was never able to get to the disc formatting screen frm now on using (WIN7 Disc) no matter how many times i restarted and tried…

I was trying “WIN7 Ultimate” so i thought lets try other OS… i had a WIN XP Professional disc so i booted using that… the files were just loading up frm the disc until it showed a “BSOD”

i retried XP and all the times it showed the “BSOD”… (after loading some files) i was so clueless so now i tried another thing… “UBUNTU 11.10”… i had a LIVE DVD for this so i just thought of installing it… it took a while and i was able to successfully install it… it worked fine for 1 day but thn it also showed some error to fix disc using “F” whn i booted the other day… so i did what it asked and it took a while to fix…

NOW WHAT’s the PROBLEM… faulty HDD or something else… i have not tried formatting the whole hard disc should i try that…??

My Config:
Acer TravelmMate 4740
Intel core i3-370M
HDD: Toshiba MK3265GX-(S1) 320GB
Optical Drive: Optiarc DVD+/-RW AD-7585H

Sounds like the hard drive to me. If you want to check it for sure try http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/. It has the official test utility for most drive brands and is self contained. You can also launch it from a USB drive (if your laptop has boot from USB).

You’ve done what I’d have tried as well. There’s a thread around here about ROOTKIT VIRUS detection… maybe someone else can chime in with better directions to that thread - but there were steps that expert took to finally solve his problem although other AV packages said “none existed”.

Ah, here’s that thread - under GENERAL SOFTWARE, pinned near the top.

I like olyteddy’s suggestion. Running a HDD diagnostic sounds like a good idea, as it’s more conclusive than running a full format. I will say that the full format doesn’t sound like a bad idea if the HDD passes the extended/full diagnostic test(s). Then, even if all that does nothing, continue the search for a well-hidden virus as suggested by Christine. :slight_smile:

Of course, it could be other hardware components within the system, but testing those before knowing if it’s the hard drive would be useless.

Fortunately, HDD replacements on laptops is about the easiest hardware endeavor (next to popping out the battery).

(You supplied enough detail but I didn’t check to ensure your notebook has a SATA drive - that’s the only thing worthy of verification. SATA notebook drives are fortunately cheaper than the older IDE drives at this day and time.)

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