Happy with their Plextor

Where is “here”? :wink:

Here, Fuji and Verbatim burned perfect also, but I don’t want to pay that much for a dvd when there are other disks which are a lot cheaper and don’t make coasters too. Especially the ricoh disks, which burn perfect in my NEC 3500 and benq 1620, but not in my plextor.

the burn quality in dvd media isnt nothing special and for the price of a plex…
(my 107d burns better dvd-r at x8) , but its ok , and burns cd’s very good :slight_smile:

I have a stand-alone Pioneer 520 with a 107 built in. It burns potato chips and mouse pads if you want. Marvellous.

Europe. Old Europe :-D.

Me just love some chronic plextor drive … :iagree:

Hi people,
Both my 716’s work very well,now that I have the good media :iagree: