Happy with their Plextor

I am guessing from the sudden lack of activity on the Plextor forum that most people are now happier with their Plextors or its Spring and every one has ditched the computer for green grass and nice weather. Nec just got scanning ability and BenQ got some new firmware so they have stuff to play with. Just seems the activity has really dropped off. Yes I am very happy with my Plex.

Not unhappy, but could be happier, like I am with with my BenQ!

I’m just waiting for my replacement Plex. Like Maximum Overdrive, I am very happy with my Benq in the meantime.

Happy here. Plextor saved my day. The other day I was shrinking 4 dvds from all my drives in the same time, saved them in the same folder through LAN and in the meantime enjoy the nice weather. Later in the evening when I was about to burn them, found out that all ISOs are over-capacity (>4.7gb). Good thing that PX-716A can overburn. :slight_smile:

overburning is definitely a nice feature to have that i don’t think any other drives are capable of (are they?).

sup zevia :smiley:

oh yeah, and i’m happy with all 4 of my Plextors :wink: i’m about to burn a DL disc (backing up my just purchased copy of House of Flying Daggers). debating on whether or not to give 6X a try. also, since it’s a Sony disc, i’m hoping that the dummy sectors the new DVD Decrypter is inserting will work properly to get rid of this stupid AARRCCOOSS protection scheme.

good here drpino. :stuck_out_tongue:

4 plex heh, you need a second or third opinion [I mean another brand], just for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

i know i need another brand…maybe i should pawn off some of the media i have (still unopened) and put that towards a BenQ 1620…whaddya think? i don’t think i could deal with a drive without error checking capabilities/etc.

good idea

im in the midst of another marathon test session for my first 6X DL burn…getting sleepy.

My Plextor is working fine here at the moment. Been using Fuji 8X DVD+R media mostly, Taiyo Yuden code. They produce excellent results every time and they’re not that expensive (€15 per 25pcs.). These discs will probably work fine in any drive though but my Plextor loves them.

I guess I’ve finally resigned myself to owning a PX-716A. I’ll never clip a UPC and mail it in for a rebate before thoroughly testing my purchase again–I could have avoided a LOT of grief by just returning it for a refund.

It’s a reliable (if SLOW) drive, but I still prefer my BenQ for DVD burning. I replaced the Litey CD-RW drive in my case with the PX-716A so I could pretend that I hadn’t been taken for a fool. I could have bought 4 BenQs for the money I spent on the Plextor (no rebate check ever arrived) and shipping it off to be RMA’d so many times.

I’m very happy with my plex 716!
The firmwares could be more or less better, but however
if my results are excellent it doesn’t matter. I would purchase
today my second 716 :smiley:
Some people have a lucky drive and the others not.
It’s just like the lottery! :wink:

Both My Plextor px-716A and PX-716SA kick my Nec 3520a and my benq 1620a butt any day, that px-716SA rock!

Overburning DVD media sounds dodgy - do you trust data burnt to the outer edge, which is not even certified for such a task?

After 8 exchanges @ BB, I finally have a px-716 that works like it should. My 2nd drive worked for a day, and my 4th for about a month. Thought BB was going to tell me to stop exchanging and send it in for RMA. Had my receipt every time and they only asked if it was defective. Thumbs up for their returns department! I have had drive #8 for 4 days now and have oversped Maxell 002 @ 12x and Fuji TY02 @ 12x and 16X and produce disks that are within error spec that work in PS2 DVD player (movies not games). Any thing burned @ rated media speed produces disks that produce an error graph with a max error of less the 15 PIE. Can’t get a MCC004 to hit 16x without powerec kicking down to 12X toward the end. I don’t really mind as long as I know that what ever goes in comes out excellent quality. I have been very patient with this Plextor and at times thought about a refund. My Memorex (Lite-on 1633) produces excellent discs everytime but only when burning at half the rated speed of the media. Was about to settle for just that but wanted things to burn a bit faster. Still waiting for DL discs to cost less than a couple of bucks to try and burn one of those. I must have burned nearly 200 disks with all of the bad drives. Wish I could get Plextor to exchange all that wasted media! Let’s see how long my happiness with this drive lasts.

I’m not happy–in fact, I’m a little bit P.O.'d :a :a :a right now, since my PX-716 can’t burn CDs above 16X.

I feel like I’m pitching my drive into the RMA lottery when I return it–will the next unit burn DVDs as well as this one or not? Will it have problems with CDs just like this one?

Right now, I’m relying on my Benq 1620 for CDs, biding my time for the next h/w rev, since the “no flash backwards” statement on Plextor Europe’s site makes me think they’re making some fundamental hardware change–but will I even be able to get one of these in the RMA process? Brand “diversity” saved my butt this time.

My 716 makes nice 8x burns… For high speed media I prefer my nec 3500 and benq 1620. For me no plextor anymore.

Took 3 tries,but my 716a is burning flawless!With the Fuji Film 8x DVD+R’s,burns at 16x!!No coasters so far,burned about 70 movies!!I like mine!!(Actual burning speed is 15.2x)

i’ve overburned several times up to 4600mb with no problems. only movies though and not mission critical data…wouldn’t do that. plex is the only burner that can overburn i believe.

This is interesting. You get Philips over here which are made by Fuji/Siemens, and these are crappy. Now I know why they buy TY for their own brand.