Happy with the LG GSA-4163B - - Until Seeing this result!

I’ve gotten great results with everything I’ve burned on the 4163B thus far. I can post those scans later, but would like to address this now. I tried burning MCC004’s 2 times, I stopped kprobe the first time because of a similar result. I burned another data disc and scanned, with the same horrible scan! I guess I was expecting a lot more after the review and seeing Kenshin’s scans. :sad:

Nero CD-DVD Speed also supports PIE/PIF scanning on Lite-On drives. Since it’s in one graph, easier.

For P-CAV 16x, it’s better to set the max. speed in Nero CD-DVD Speed to something like 17x or 18x for better views.

Your scan result seems very bad for MCC004 at 16x. That can’t be a successful burn.

That does not look good, especially for an LG drive. Do you have any other media you can try ?

Try a good-quality DVD+RW 4x media and scan the disk quality again. If other media work well, then maybe just wrong MCC004.

I’m thinking it’s the MCC004, all of my other scans are flawless. Odd.

Where are they made?

If the drive is not defective and your burning environment is OK, the MCC004 disks are probably physically defective or are just fakes. From a Lite-On scan, it should have been about 100 PIF’s, not over 5,000 PIF’s. It’s a trememdous difference: Perfect burn vs. Failure.