Happy with the 1620

I have the Pacific Digital Mach 16 flashed to the latest BenQ firmware. I have been playing with the drive doing some dvd movie backups.Using some middle of the road media memorex +R 8x the drive is burning at up to 12x with them Just backed up 2 movies the burn with dvd decrypter 6.5 minutes to shrnk about 20 minutes Damn this drive is fast I was getting 6.5kb transfers while burning and the backups look good. I am impressed with the BenQ 1620
Now I have to get some better media to find the sweet spot on this drive…
Thanks Everyone for the help on some of my questions that I have posted
You just have to like this drive I can’t find any bad things to say about it…So far so good…

My dad has the same one…, and I am gonna switch from the “good” old lite-on 811 to this one in 2 weeks as well. (trip to US…, gonna do some shopping there :slight_smile: )

I read all the tests and played with this baby to…, its just perfect!
I dunno why people are so exited about the nec’s here in the Netherlands…, the Benq goes for the same price but is a better burner…

I know I bought both of those drives (nec and benq) and I think the benq is better. All of it sfeatures, even the subtle ones like the red light when its writing are great!

The NEC was on the market before the Benq and produced very good results for an incredibly low price. Now the Benq is even better with most media, but many people have a NEC already. It is still very good, just not the best anymore.

Yes, the BenQ DW1620 is better with most media than NEC burners.