Happy Valentines Day One And All!



February 14th 12:45am here. Now officially Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! :bigsmile:

Be ye single, couple (or more), a believer in Valentines day, or a non-believer, (fairly certain I left some category out…)
I’m wishing you a happy day with/without loved ones.

Enjoy your day

Kindest regards,


well…i will celebrate with my wife on 18 feb…as thats our wedding anni


Awwwww thanks sweetie…Happy Valentines Day to you …from me and the twins…


I really dislike valentine, but thanx ever so much savvy :stuck_out_tongue:


A big :smiley: to all the ladies out there.


Ben hates valentines day…
Gold star for guessing why :frowning:


you never get a card?


yep… :sad:


Show an email address and i’m sure the cdfreaks ladies will give you one :slight_smile:


Yeh, well, I prefer cards from people I know in the real world, not that I have ever had any.

Anyway, thats enough self-pitty for one day :slight_smile:


My Grandma used to send me one :sad:

My Son who’s your age never gets them either. He’s very good looking according to his sister too and has many female hangers on. I think it’s an age thing


I have NEVER had one, well maybe when I was very little, but then I dont think anybody really knew what it was about.


your time will come. like I said, even my Lad has never had one (afaik), despite having an entourage of laydees around him (he’s 15).

Your age are far too shy and worried about being rejected.


i would send you one ben but dont want to be acussed of favortism or worse child snatching but as a mother to son kind of way Happy Valentine:D



On a side not I am eating peas and pasta that is filled with spinish and richotta cheese, but the peas are minty and I cooked them in the same pan so now the pasta tastes minty.


well ben i do hope you have a great day …


Ditto bcn.

Today is a day (along with all other days), single or not, to express your love for someone. If your single, go and give a family member an extra kiss, or if your a couple, spend time together. Show each other you truly love each other and care. (You know what I mean :wink: )

Enjoy each and every day, show someone you truly care about them and appreciate them.

Kindest regards one and all,


ok since i can’t have a 100 X 100 avatar for the day…heres my gift to you all


I imagine you’ve gotten quite a few valentines ehh?


Now how many here celebrated this past weekend instead of the 14th because the 14th is a Monday and thus a workday?

raises hand