Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Happy thanksgiving to all Canadians & especially to our troops who serve around the world.

Remember to get out & vote Tuesday.

Happy Thanksgiving! :flower:

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians

[QUOTE=bean55;2140510]Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians[/QUOTE]ditto! :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members :flower:

Yo all-

[B][I]HAPPY THANKSGIVING [/I][/B]to all me fellow Canucks-eh!!

[B]Happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:

[/B]And boy did I have my fill of Turkey!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all our northern brothern, may peace be with you.

         Jim Durkin


Happy T-Day my Northern friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians from the USA

It’s that time of year.

Love Turkey


Once again Have Happy one (Thanksgiving) Canadian friends.

Happy thanksgiving for those in Canada!

Hope everybody had a good one. Happy Thanksgiving.