Happy Slapping



Nothing to do with the ‘slap your co-worker thread’ but happy slapping is something that is or is supposed to be a new craze in the UK where kids (and adults) go up to random people and slap them or basically just give them a good hiding and film it on their camera phones, if you do a search for ‘hotniss’ on google its a site which hosts a couple of the vids these kids have made however i wont post a direct link as its pretty disturbing, anyway this is old news now but what pisses me off more than anything is this is all being blamed on Jackass, Dirty Sanchez etc, according to some hot shot Dr its all down to jackass etc take a look


Dr Graham Barnfield, a University of East London media lecturer, said teenage game “happy slaps” was similar to stunts in the MTV shows.

Since when did johnny knoxville go up to a random bloke in the street and batter him? hmmm never, however to his credit he says it shouldnt be banned , how about blaming the parents Dr?

Heres some more articles





Slapping strangers. Looks like a great way for some people get their ass kicked when the “Backslapping” starts.


It’s just sick! What’s next…??.. Happy shooting?


It may well come to that, although not in the sense you mean. Many people are considering arming themselves to defend themselves, because the law and policeforce can’t.
The government are slowly waking up to the idea that political correctness is fine in theory. But IMO, something is way wrong when the offender appears to have more rights than the victim of crime.


I for one would probably hurt someone real bad if someone tried that with me, but then it probably would not happen to me, as people say I have a very intimidating look about me.These people will only slap or otherwise attack someone they think will not retaliate. Pussies



I don’t think that anyone in their right mind would dare to try and slap me - eh?


Not if you are what your nick implies Mike :slight_smile:


Yo Airhead-

It is and I am - :slight_smile:


i always like to slap me a mofo to see if he’ll go out like a punk or stand his ground and go a few rounds.


it may sound funny to some of you but some of the victims have been seriously hurt by this new craze. I don’t see how people can be so imature/stupid and do something like this.
What do they get out of it?

How would they like it done to them?

o yer 1 more thing some of you ar thinking along the lines of their being only 1 person. Wrong!! They attack in a group of 3 or more. (2 scared to try it on their own eh!)


THANX!!! I’ve been telling this to a lot of people, but they all went “oh, shut up, that’s not true”… you’re the first person i ‘know’ who also thinks like that.

I think a very big problem is the ‘human rights’ thing, and indeed, the rights of the offender seem to clear the victim’s rights…

my solution is : if someone is 100% sure a thief, cut off his fingers, he won’t do it again… a raper;take away the dick… problem solved

i know this sounds hard, but how else can anyway stop this nonsense?

I mean, stealing must be the best paid ‘job’ in the world nowadays, concidering the very small risk of you ending up in jail…

so why don’t we all just go out and steal other people’s stuff???
(being sarcastic here)


Dear… God… Iv heard about it but I didnt know it was that bad. Hiting stragers… :eek: I dont tell many people but Im 17 and I dont like being on streets on my own. I have thort about carrying a knife but I dont know about the UK laws on them.



Fair enough Virus, but still, dunno if a knife would land you in loads of trouble.


Carrying any sort of offensive weapon will land you in the poo here in England.

This craze is bloody stupid - as was posted above its more gangs that are doing it now and its nothing more than aggravated assault.

The kids should be taught right from wrong and unfortunately Jackass, Dirty Sanchez etc aren’t responsible for this - the parents are !!!


You’re right there on the parent thing, the world has gone too “Guns don’t kill people, rappers do”.

Also, CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE! (Sorry, it had to be said to a fellow Liverpudlian).


Its sad but as a parent I take my responsibility seriously - kids play up but as their parent you can’t wash your hands of their actions…

As for the footie - don’t apologise !! :smiley: What a game eh ? Thank god your not a toffee !