Happy slapper slapped back



I’m far too concerned with being sued by methane breathing monkeys to actually cut and paste the article here, so you just go and read it here

Summary: punks head out to beat someone, gets knocked down.
Question: how should we deal with these younglings?
Answer: choose between options above.


Option #5: Strip them naked, drag them to Liverpool’s national stadium (or another very public place), start filming and make sure every news broadcaster gets a copy of the dvd.

Option #6: Spraypaint them with blue powder coating that won’t come off for six weeks

Option #7: Remove their vocal cords


Option #8 Start a game show in the US …allow contestants to SLAP them over and over for a whole hour…


And win a lifetime of slaps!




what about removing their hands, and slapping them with them?


Honestly… Thank God I got out of teaching. Useless trailer-trash parents (more and more of these every day) create useless sociopathic kids…with this stupid “craze” the result. My opinion…victims of happy slapping should be allowed to retaliate in kind, sanctioned by juvenile courts, with the perpetrators then forced to wear a “name and shame” t-shirt in public for at least one month.


It’s a pity he didnt call the police.
Also, it appears option #1 and #4 are the prefered, as there are no votes at all for 2 and 3.



heres the vid and let me be the first to say



Care to elaborate why?


Kinda hard to tell…too pixelated and small plus too jerky.


i quite like that… the kick to the head gave a sence of justice :bigsmile:


Perhaps now we know why he didnt call the men with batoons.


because take a look at the 5fps vid lol… come on, it’d take me about 30 seconds to plan and carry that out with a couple of mates, its not impossible but unlikely that the original ‘slapper’ would have walked away with his back turned when the victim was shouting and coming towards him… plus lets remember this is a pair of young scally lads from liverpool not rocky and clubber, so a one punch knockout as this vid shows is unlikely (but again not impossible), looks like a few mates decided to have a laugh, nothing more

so until we hear from the source i say… fake


Ooh, good idea! :bow: