'Happy slap' crackdown sparks row

"PARIS, France (AP) – A new law in France makes it a crime – punishable by up to five years in prison – for anyone who is not a professional journalist to film real-world violence and distribute the images on the Internet.

“The sections of this law supposedly dealing with ‘happy slapping’ in fact have a much broader scope,” Reporters Without Borders said in a statement. “Posting videos online showing violence against people could now be banned, even if it were the police carrying out the violence.”

The measure has implications for online video sites like YouTube, or France’s Dailymotion.com: Authorities could ask them to identify the sources of images made available through their sites"


Oooh! What with all these sites clamping down on fake registrations… gee! That’s gonna suck … Police can beat you silly, and you can’t even make a video of it, post it on the web, and demand justice anymore :stuck_out_tongue: