Happy New Year!


The same to you and everyone else! :slight_smile:

happy newyear???

isn’t that in a coupe of days??

Originally posted by damiandimitri
[B]happy newyear???

isn’t that in a coupe of days?? [/B]

Yup, but I’m not planning to be on this forum when 2003 starts :slight_smile:

Best wishes to everyone


are you sure??

happy newyear

I wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2003 ! :smiley:

Happy new year indeed… in advance ofcourse :wink:

NOW, it is 8:59PM in California… only 3 hours and 1 minute left!!!
Will post again @ 0:00 1/1/2003!!!
(however, typing may be incorrect… :wink: )

Don’t fight the 2K3 bug!!!


Happy new year to everyone else!!!


To prevent many threads of people wisching each other a happy new year, I will close this one and invite all to reply in this thread:

This thread was started at the time when 2003 started in the country where this server is located…(the Netherlands that is).