Happy New Year



Well it been sort of a rough year for me the parkinson rattles me more and I ripped a bisep musle that can’t be sewed up but I’ll settle for that, so I wish everybody a Happy New Year and thanks for putting up with me.(I tend to rattle on).And may the new year bring good cheers,

O I’m going on a diet the first that will be fun?!???


Yeah, happy new year to all, and to you in particular, marloyd.
3.5 hours to go :slight_smile:


Happy new year everybody :bigsmile:


Happy new year.


Happy New Year !


Happy new year everyone. :flower::flower:


Happy New Year Wendy, I wish you and your family the best 2011 anyone will have. I wish you all health , happiness and peace. If you have those things, you are a very rich person.:wink:


Happy New Year! May it be better than this past if it’s possible.


Happy New Year! :flower:


A Happy New Year to all!! A special Happy New Year to you, my friend Marloyd!!!


Happy New Year Marloyd!!!
Sorry to hear it’s been a rough year. I wish you the best in 2011.

All of my computers spend almost all their time (24/7) processing research projects to find cures or treatments for conditions like Parkinson’s, many different cancers etc.

My goal for the new year is to get more CD/MyCE Freaks involved in the projects to benefit people like yourself.


[B]Happy New Year[/B]



[B]Yo all-[/B]

[B]Here’s wishing all my friends and acquaintances a very HAPPY NEW YEAR - may it be the best one yet-eh!![/B]


Happy New Year all.


To all the cdfreaks & myce:


Happy Newt’s Ear everybody! :D:flower::flower:


[B]Wee fish, ewe, a mare, egrets, moose, panda, hippo, gnu, deer[/B]



Happy New Year everyone :slight_smile:


Happy New Year to each of you!

Don’t forget to have some black-eyed peas and hog jowl for good luck.



Happy New Year to everyone here at MyCE!!! :flower::flower: