Happy New Year 2015! Let's do more than expected!



Let’s call an end of the year 2014 …:flower:

Wish everyone a happy new year!

TDMore Software has been established for half a year. During this period, we totally released 9 versions with 6 products.

In which, TDMore Free DVD Copy and Free DVD to AVI Converter has been well received and proved to be a very excellent products by many users and professionals. Thank you very much for your support.

In the year 2015, our working team will do more on the product series and the website will also changes greatly to meet user’s needs.

During the end of the year, TDMore Software provides up to 55% special offers for all users, you may not miss it. Learn more about the special offer at: http://www.tdmore.com/promotion.html?ad=forum

At last, wish every one a successful new year 2015. Best wishes!


Is it New Years Eve eve already?

To 2015, may it be better than 2014. :flower:


Happy New Year Everyone. May it be better then last year but not as good as Next Year (2016)