Happy Mothers Day



To all the mum’s in the forum :flower:


Holy crap! You gave me a heart attack!
Mothers day is not until the 13th of May in Oz :wink:

But Happy Mothers day to you, and all the other mothers in Brittania :wink:


:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: Ditto :bigsmile:


Same here, mothers day is always close to my birthday.

But Happy Mothers day to you, and all the other mothers in Brittania :wink:

Aye! Happy mothers day!! :clap:


Same here. Happy Mothers Day :confused:


Mothers Day is in May. :wink:


Not for us. For us it was on Sunday :slight_smile:

My mum was great this Mother’s Day - although I bought her a card and a present, due to some stuff going on for me, she said “don’t worry about the card etc, it doesn’t matter”…of course after that, I made extra sure she got them. :iagree:


Your such a nice daughter :iagree:

Thanks for letting us know Mother’s Day is in March your way :wink: I really had no idea :doh:


Hehe, like all people, I probably get on my mum’s nerves plenty…but she is one in a million, I wouldn’t swap her :bigsmile:


Yes Thanks

anyone else in march LET US KNOW Please :bigsmile: .
and what part of the world you are in :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s strange how it’s a different date over here! :slight_smile:

@Diane - I’m assuming it’s a different date in SA as well then?


Yes 13 May same as Oz .


Ahh thanks :slight_smile:


I’m in big s**t now!

I forgot British Mother’s day… sorry mum!! :eek:
Difficult to remember when it’s a different day in Canada.

(I even talked to my mum yesterday… and my mother in law… neither of them mentioned it either… oh dear.)


Well you know what you need to do :doh: Make up an excuse :bigsmile: Plus you’ve been busy with your trip and all :wink: