Happy holidays everyone!

I would like to wish everyone happy holidays, I think I also speak for the rest of the staff!

This year has been hectic and while we’ve added new reviewers, were mentioned on many tech sites, there’s stil a lot of improvement.

We’ll continue to work on that in 2014.

It’s a honour for me to be part of the incredible team of staff we have here.

We all do it for our beloved members who make this site to what it is. I’d like to thank all our members, readers and lurkers for being with us and wish everyone a merry Christmas with the people you love, and of course a great 2014!

Merry Christmas to you Domi…
Bring on 2014!

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a happy and safe New Years too.

Season’s greetings everyone!!!:flower::flower:

I wish every one a great Holiday




Merry Christmas everyone and I wish all our staff and members a happy and prosperous 2014!

Thanks to everyone here for making this such a great place to be! :cool:


Merry Christmas everyone.

Have a happy Christmas everyone, and have a great holiday season. :flower:

A little late but: Merry Christmas, [I]Glædelig Jul[/I], Happy Holidays! :flower:

Season’s greetings everyone

Some big red suit guy tried to get in my house but I ran him off. But he came back know my kids have all the toys to play with. I just told them they were from me, since they are not allowed to take things from people in red suits.

I wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a generally happy holiday season.

Season’s greetings everyone! :flower:

Phew, what a rush. I’ve just got back home after visiting family since Christmas eve.
I hope you all had a really good Christmas day and I hope you all have a great new year.
Thanks for all your excellent posts that made me laugh and sometimes cry.
These are the best forums on the net. :slight_smile:

When I was a kid we always went to our grandparents for Thanksgiving and Christmas for dinner. We also did on most Sundays after church. When my wife and I got married I wanted this for my kids and grand kids. We now have so many grand kids , along with in laws wife brothers and sisters that we have any where from 30 to 40 at our house. We always have the Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas but we also have the leftovers the next day. Which always means we have the same meal again since I always cook another turkey and my wife always make sure there is enough of everything we had the day before. My son-in-law was an only child and it took him a little while to get used to it, but know he loves it. I told him last night when he was talking about it, that I would not take a million dollars, if I had to give up these family meals. These are the things that are important and it is a same that other families have got away from this. Santa always comes during the night so the kids get there presents from Santa then. But we as a family always open presents the night before and my wife make sure each grand kid and one kid that is not even one of our grand kids ( cousin of some of our grand kids that did not have grand parents), have the same number of presents. I sent there last night and watched these kids open all those presents nine each from us ,and said thank you God I have what is important in life I could not be more bless . Her tree is always one the best looking trees you can find anywhere.
And then to top it all off I cooked Turkey soup the third day and now my daughter expects it also. God thank you for given my wife and me such a big family and all this work we have to do for these meals and then being paid for it with all the joy we see on our family faces. I am blessed

As Christmas 2013 fades into our collective memories, I’d like to leave you with this:


my christmas lights. I am now lying on my bed typing with the on screen keyboard . my Son is working onhis laptop Composing Music.

my other 2 bratz in the loung got themselfs this xbox online sub lasts 1year:clap::clap::clap:

[QUOTE=diane7;2715458][B]my christmas lights[/B]. I am now lying on my bed typing with the on screen keyboard . my Son is working onhis laptop Composing Music.

my other 2 bratz in the loung got themselfs this xbox online sub lasts 1year:clap::clap::clap:[/QUOTE]

Hey Di that room is absolutely brimming over with technology!

In fact the light from it is nearly brighter than your Christmas lights! :bigsmile:

Just right too! :flower: