Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

What candy is everyone looking foward to? I want some Twix!!!

None. I swore off candy several months back.

No candy for me…am trying to lose weight :frowning:

The heck with candy. I just discovered that Rob Zombie is extending the Halloween series. If you loved his two prior flicks (House of 1000 corpses & Devil’s Rejects), I can’t wait to see what he does with Michael Meyers.

If you had come to trick or treat at my house, you would have got this…

Slightly late (been gasp hard at w*rk all evening), but I moved this to the main LR as it’s not News :wink:

@ExpertTech - I’m trying to lose weight too :(…so no candy for me either.

Luckily I’m more of a savoury person, although I do like chocolate occasionally (don’t all women? Well, that’s my excuse). :slight_smile:

I’m in the same catagory as the rest,cant have candy(diabetic) but will enjoy a penut butter cup on this halloween.it gets hard to resisit when its all over,work,home.a big bowl right by the front door!!aghhh, luckly its only one day out of the year!!!
happy halloween everyone!! :iagree: :iagree:

UR right… it’s not news, just the same story each year…
Small urchins dressed as ninja turtles come and take my candy.

I didn’t get any. Not even one small piece of Cadbury’s chocolate :confused:

Also - never make excuses for eating chocolate. You know it’s good for you :iagree:

ohh bring it on…!!! give me some chocolate!!!

Would you like some candy little girl? :flower:
Happy Halloween to all! :bigsmile:

uh huh …:wink:

:o :o :flower:

Any kind of candy would suffice :iagree:

Halloween is when I wish I was still attending College and going to all those parties. :bigsmile:

One of my boys in action. :smiley:

Hurray for Candy!

and i don’t like sweets, only having fun :slight_smile:

@zevia - aww, how cute :bigsmile:

@Ms. Honeydew - I have some Terry’s Chocolate Orange bars stashed in my fridge, I’ll share those with you :bigsmile:

Oooohhh… Terry’s Chocolate Oranges… I haven’t had one of those for ages. Since I left the UK probably. God, I could eat one of those :iagree:

runs away from work to spend rest of day guzzling chocolate and laughing like a sugar crazy maniac

Isn’t that something you’re trying to do since…well…how about some strawberries instead :stuck_out_tongue: