Happy Halloween from Plextor

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m baaaaaack.
Sigh…My Plextor has developed multiple personalities in time for Holloween.
Oh well, the Plextor was burning just fine over the last couple of days. The copies I burned looked beautiful. I burned one Wed night…no problems. Went to burn one last night and now, the drive will not recognize either -R or +R dvds. I saw a problem similar to this after flashing with the latest firmware and went into device manager, uninstalled the dvd drive and rebooted. That seemed to fix the problem for a short while. I repeated this process but no good this time.
It can READ dvds fine, but if I put a blank dvd (any format) into the drive, it returns an error saying the drive cannot read that specific format and I must insert a -R or a +R dvd. I tried formatting the dvd but, naturally, since it can’t recognize it…it can’t format it.
An interesting observation; as soon as I put the blank dvd into the drive, Window Explorer changes the hardware configuration of the Plextor from dvd rw to a ‘cd rw’…yet the drive recognizes that I need a dvd -R or +R in the drive.
I saw the postings from ‘Problems with Plextor Firmware’ and I’ll try changing the settings to DMA but their problem sounded a little different than what I’m experiencing. As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry to hear about that. Try a self test. That will eliminate any influence your computer might have. If that doesn’t work, then the drive is “fried” and you need to RMA.

Is it a PX716A (we’ve seen few similar problems for this drive) or PX712A?

Sorry, it’s a Plextor 708a, I’m using DVD Shrink (latest version) to copy to pc and Nero to burn it.