HAPPY FEET problems!



hello all, first i need to say this is a great product! i ahve the full versions with the latest versions. i went to back up my retail copy of the new movie HAPPY FEET and the program/computer keeps locking up! i have backup several other movie in the meantime with no problems! any ideas??!! please let me know




Hi Dave and welcome to the DVDFab forum
when you say locks up when does this happen during the reading or the burning :confused:


Wish i could help, however i have recently made a backup with no problem.


during the reading, i am gona try again later on after i get some feedback


Try cleaning the disc, I have had this problem a few times, even a fingerprint or a smudge can cause problems. It may also be a bad source disc, just because it plays does not mean it good.:iagree:


ok thanks, i wll try it later


Do me a favor and post the burn log, which you can find in
My Documents–>DVDFab–>Log
may show some info that can help


Are you trying to back it up in full movie or main movie mode? And welcome to the Fab forum davedub69. It really sounds like a dirty disk as Alan has said. ~ Mike


I backed up main movie on TY-R 4X and clone on Verbatim +R DL set to DVD-ROM without any problems. I usually do not use DLs but wife wanted one to watch all the extras.




May want to defrag your hard drive - also may want to run ccleaner to clean out all the stray crap before y’all defrag-

My Gold copied Happy Feet to Verbatim MCC004 just great-eh!

(and I do all of the above every night before shutting down the 'puter)


What program did you use for making DL copy?.


there could be an even simpler reason, your hard drive could be nearly full. even if you are using fab to burn straight to disc it still needs to copy film image temporarily to your computor which in some cases can require up to 8 gigabytes of space. if you click on my computor it should tell you how much space is available. fab also tends to save previous films in your programs folder which can take up massives amounts of hard drive if you forget to remove them. to check click “MY COMPUTOR” then “PROGRAMS” look for large folders of at least 3 gigabytes, remember not all films are called by their title, and delete as necessary. if you are not sure if it is a film folder then click it open and you should see 2 folders inside, AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS.