Happy Father's Day 2008

To all you dad’s on CDF, here’s hoping you all have a great day

Thanks Shellie. :iagree:

Mr. Bill :clap:

Yes Thanks Shellie.

From an old Father and Grandfather.

Happy Fathers Day to all you pappys! We, as sons and daughters [me personally a son, hehe], really appreciate all of you all. :clap:

To my DAD thats 85 years old

Vista ♥ also wishing you a Happy Day

Thanks Shellie. My daughters came over yesterday and cooked me an excellent dinner as one of them had to work today. It was a great day.:slight_smile:

Very welcome Bill, Kipper and cross hugs to all ♥

Yes, happy Father’s Day to all our CDF Dads :flower::flower:

Finally got a call from my daughter Teeya :clap: :bigsmile: is was beginning to have my doubts :wink:

Thank you Shellie Mae as usual you make people feel goodabout themself. Happy Father’s Day to you also and to every fathers in CDFreaks.

You are more than welcome, I hope you have a great day :flower:

thanks shellie and happy fathers day to the rest of you :slight_smile:

Thank you Shellie Mae & Happy Fathers Day to all the other Dads out there doing the best that they can. :clap: :iagree: :clap:

Very very welcome Blodluv and Beefy ♥

Thanks Shellie…:flower:

The “kids” took me out to brunch…first time ever I didn’t pay…:cool:
Happy Father’s Day everyone!

You’re welcome, maineman and it seems you had a good day, I am glad for it :slight_smile: :flower:

oh yeah thank you Shel but i told you thank you last night in chat so you get 2 thank yous from me :flower:

You’re welcome and thanks, sweetheart :flower: ♥

Thanks Shel… And happy fathers day to all fathers out there (even single mothers raising a child)… :slight_smile:

You know you are very welcome, Rob ♥