Happy Easter :)

May you all get loads of yummy chocolate eggs to munch on. :slight_smile:

Happy Easter :bigsmile:

Chocolate? hmm that’s a great idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Easter everyone and be safe! :slight_smile:

The Chocolate Fix. :bigsmile:

Have a good one.

:cool: :cool:

:flower: Back at yeah Arachne.
I have a white chocolate bunny rabbit to munch on (Russell Stovers). Wife and daughter have chocolate eggs and other chocolate goodies (Russell Stovers). Daughter and i will be coloring eggs tomorrow. She’s 13 and still wants me to hide eggs for her on Easter Sunday :bigsmile:


Let’s not overlook the joyous occasion that we are celebrating-

Enjoy your Easter everyone-eh!

Oh yeah. Easter is [B]not[/B] about giving/eating candy by all means :iagree: Good post bigmike :smiley:

Looks like were going to have A WHITE EASTER here.


Very good point :iagree: - but I thought I’d leave it to other members to mention something properly Easter related if they wanted to :slight_smile:

Happy Easter everyone!

Went to the Sunrise service at 6:30am then had breakfast served by our church youth.

Now it’s time for a nap :wink:

Happy hangover!

Yay! White Easter :bigsmile:

Nice to know there are some that have the real spirit :wink: of easter in them:clap: :clap: .
Havent been to a Sunrise service in years :o .
WELL DONE :slight_smile:

we had a 6:45 am sunrise service …then breakfast served by the men in the church…then a 8:00 service…and 9:00 sunday school followed by our regular 10:15 am service…which i’m getting ready to go back for…(singing in the choir forces me to be there all those times except for sunday school…)

@S_S and MegaDETH - that sounds really nice, I bet you guys had a really great morning. :slight_smile:

yeah normally i’m not even thinking about getting up let alone be dressed and ready to sing that early…but its just once a year i’ll not die from it…

Yo S_S-

How did Brayden like getting out that early-eh?

he wasn’t happy either…considering his normal wake up time is like 9 am! but once he got there and saw all the kids…he was ready to get his “mack” on

Happy Easter everyone! The diet starts…meh, when all this chocolate is done with. :stuck_out_tongue:

What She Said :bigsmile: