Happy dreams

What do happy dreams look like?

tits :smiley:

i think that pretty much starts and ends the thread right there :slight_smile:

Tits, and lots of other body parts. :wink: :iagree:

I don’t have to say it, do i, TITS

I hope Sexy_S will share her dreams with us. :slight_smile:

i would have said “swim in my own money” but i can just see that now lol
me at the bottom of the swimming pool swimming in/on nothing lol


Well tits sound good :slight_smile:

(but there’s more to life than just tits)


Yeh… BIG tits :bigsmile:

Well i actually perfer smaller ones :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as they fit nicely in my hands, I’m pleased :smiley:

:iagree: And mouth :bigsmile:

What about tits and money - can’t we have both? :bigsmile:

Me on a bed of roses…what could be better than that?

ok i’ll …edit this…

me naked with a couple naked chicks…one with big tits one with small tits
on top of a money filled mattress

You just described my next dream. :iagree:

A true American Beauty :slight_smile:

Mmmmmmm tits.