Happy Christmas

I wish every member/admin/moderator a very happy christmas and a jolly new year.:smiley: Drinks loads and don’t forget too take yer beer goggles incase you end up with a plain Jane :bigsmile:

Greets The Diplomat;)

Beer goggles is what makes you come home with a plain jane.

Good luck to everybody :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night or afternoon, or evening, depending where you are.

Remember to click or you are a di_ _ ! :o

Have a nice Xmas everybody!

Hemi: good luck studying…

Originally posted by iamrocket
Beer goggles is what makes you come home with a plain jane.

I missed that one so here it is again "Leave Yer Beer Goggles at home too avoid the plain Jane:bigsmile:

Greets and Happy Christmas from The Diploman:D

Damn its 3:25 am here in the UK and I am suppose to be at my mates for 10:30am for Christmas day, so me will end up pissed as a fart lol, got a letter too type yet :frowning:

Happy CHRISTmas? I’m jewish and you’ve offended me.

Or I mean I’m muslim, and you’ve offended me…

Or I mean…I’m like Jehovas Witness and I don’t celebrate anything.

Or I mean…Whatever: I’m a non-religous person and will take your wish of good cheer and drink a beer to it. (Guinness of course)


Merry Xmas / Happy Holidays to you all as well…

And a Happy New Year!