Happy Chinese new year!




February 18, 2007 is the first day of the Chinese new year.

Happy Chinese new year !!! :slight_smile:

新年快乐, 恭喜发财 !


Hey Ting

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!


Xin nian khoai lo, Ting! So where’s the “hong bao” for new users? How 'bout 25% discount on the Platinum? j/k :smiley:


Hello Ting and Fengtao

[B]Happy Chinese New Year[/B] to both of you and your loved one’s and may the sun shine in your hearts :flower: :flower:



Happy Chinese New Year to you, Fengtao and Ting, as well as your hard-working fellow team-members!

See you later, then, and thanks again for all your unstinting efforts. Jim. :clap: :flower:


@Ting and Fengtao
I was going to ask what this Year is the Year of, but while typing CNN reported that it was the [B]Year of the Pig[/B].

Have a Happy and Productive year and many thanks for what Ting and Fengtao have accomplished last year. Also hope those who continue to try to hurt your products cease to do so and do more productive things with their lives.



@Ting and Fengtao - Happy Chinese New Year to you guys! :flower:

Thanks for all your hard work :iagree:


Thought it was the 18th.:confused: Welcome to the year of the pig!


No harm getting in early - everyone else has :wink:


Happy New Year to you Fengtao and you Ting. :clap: We wish happiness and good fortune on you and your families. Thank you so very much for the past year’s hard work and successes in your lives and buisness. May the coming year bring you all happy blessings :bow: :iagree: :flower: Take Care ~ Mike