Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all the Canucks eh!

Drink a 2-4 and celebrate :iagree:

Happy Canada day to you Prof. Honeydew!

Want to explain to an ignorant Texan what a 2-4 is?

Happy Canada Day, especially to those who have served & are serving their Country.

happy Canada Day to ya! eh!

Take off! EH?


Happy Canada Day!

how do ya drink a moosehead beer ? don’t the antlers get in the way?

A 24 pack of beer :bigsmile:

You drill a hole in the other end.

Ok, time to celebrate some Canadian culture :iagree:

We start with Canadian icon Neil Young :cool:

That lives in the USA :bigsmile:

Then there’s Pamela Anderson - obviously very cultural :iagree:

Oi! It’s Canada Day, so we’re pretending to ignore that :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Happy Canada day to all the Canadians :clap:

Then there’s comedy genius Mike Meyers :iagree:

Lovely Shania Twain too :iagree:

And just to piss off Honeydew, there is also Rush. I don’t care what she says, these guys are a credit to your country:

Happy Canada Day! :flower:


Some of my favourite Canadian artists/bands…

EDIT: I see that Jester and I have some of the same favourites. :wink:

I was about to smack you until I saw the pic in the center. Nice Drage.

I like The Guess Who :iagree:

Edit: Isn’t BTO from Canada? I like them as well.

lower right :confused: all 4 are side by side here. :eek: