Happy birthday to the iPod - 5 years old today!

I just posted the article Happy birthday to the iPod - 5 years old today!.

 Who da  thunk it? Five years ago today, the venerable 4GB  iPod debuted at $250 dollars a pop. That particular model, could hold about 1,000 tunes and was about the size of a deck of  cards.    ...
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Who cares about this useless ****** piece of st. Happy birthday my a.

I can see in the next 5 years, Zune will slowly eating into Ipod’s dominant market share, unless Ipod Video’s screen size is increased from the current small 2 1/2 inches to something at lease 3 1/2 inches. If Apple takes my advice, all AAPL shareholders should thank me, HomerJSimpsons for seeing this early.

5 years… …and they still sound like crap (a few days ago, a colleage at the office returned his brand spanking nnew G5 the same day he heard my X5). I know that most consumers will never even realise that there are higher quality solutions out there for less money so those of us who researched and bought them will continue to chuckle every time we see those telltate white headphones signifying… “Lemming Inside” :smiley:

I think that you will find it was 5GB and $399.

To improve the sound, Apple should work with Dolby, DTS and Creative Lab to create a virtual multichannel sound for the headphone. I believe Dolby has a similar technology now. All Apple needs to do is license it from Dolby and has Creative Lab design the ASIC. Bigger screeen and better sound, let’s see who get there first. I hope it is AAPL.

Work with Creative Labs to improve sound quality??? You MUST be kidding. That’s equivalent to having Charlie Manson as your male nurse. To improve sound quality, Apple should contract out to a company that knows how to design audio electronics and employ decent DACs to their best advantage (Apple shouldn’t touch the project themselves - they obviously cannot spell the “A” in audio, Stereophile BS to the contrary). That’s only the first half of the solution. Then they should scour open source land for decent implementations of audio codecs and scale them down into their firmware without losing quality. The Koreans have done it extremely well with the iAudio and iRiver products. Creative Labs? YEAH, RIGHT. NONE of that is likely to happen which is why the iPod sound will remai… …CRAP. Virtual multichannel sound? Get over that golly-gee-whiz fad.

What is in your PC now, a cheap sound card or Creative Lab! What is in most people’s pocket, a cheapo korean iAudio, iRiver or a gorgeous iPod. Who is copying who? Notice the i’s, who started that. If you have more than 2 ears, then we don’t need the virtual stuff.

people can bitch all they want. It doesn’t change the fact that the iPod revolutionized the idea of portability with our music. Yeah there was the creative nomad which started the idea but it wasn’t exactly easy to take along. But of course with anything thats ‘popular’, there are always going to be haters. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! Get a creative Zen, or the upcoming MS Zune. Me i like the iPod and just bought myself a nicely used 4G 20GB iPod for only $100 :). Apple has a good idea going and the day will come when another will take over. And then they will be hated as much then as the iPod is today :wink: