**Happy Birthday** Sexy_Southerner Is 29 Dec 17th


This is the last 29th birthday for my cyber mija - Sexy_Southerner-

Please join me in giving her our best wishes for many more-eh!

Love ya ‘D’

Happy Birthday S_S :bigsmile: :clap:

have a great Birthday

Best wishes my butt…send me some chocolate!! :bigsmile:

nah just kidding…thanks you guys :flower:
just found out…at 30 a woman is at her peak!! so next year you better Watch out!

happy birthday you sexy lady :slight_smile:

Some chocolate for your birthday! :stuck_out_tongue: :flower:

Happy birthday S_S :clap: :clap:

I’ll collect my pressie in May from ya :bigsmile:


what was that pm…
I couldn’t understand it
i got the do you want to…but i can’t make out the last part :wink:
Vill du ha sex? :bigsmile:

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday!! I’ll be over later to give you your present…

Have a great day.

AND TO bigmike7who had a Birthday on the 13 DECEMBER

:bigsmile: i want what ya gave me last year…times 2 !!! :bigsmile:

How bout for twice as long!!! :bigsmile:

Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you!! Enjoy!!

Deal! I’ve got a whopping 12 minutes to spare :bigsmile: just kidding…but sure thing hun…sneak on over …i’ll be waiting

UH OH…i see CHOCOLATE cake!!! mmmmmmmmthats almost as good as sex!!

:iagree: :flower: :iagree: :kiss:

Alllllllllllllmossssssssst!!! :eek: you are destroying every mans dream :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

happy birthday Sexy_Southerner :flower:

Happy Birthday S_S, I hope you had a great day :flower: