Happy birthday jhtalisman 27 Aug

((((( di )))))


Wishing you a very happy birthday, Jamerson :flower::flower:

Hope you have a great day, with loads of goodies :smiley:

/me gives Jamerson a birthday pounce

Have A good b’day Jamerson :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, JHT! :flower:

Hey Jamerson, Today is Pee Wee Herman’s birthday too :bigsmile:

Happy Birthday jh

Ya, :cool: Hope ya have a happy one JH :smiley:

Happy Birthday jhtalisman :clap:

Hope you have many more :bigsmile:

[B]Happy Birthday JHT![/B]

Hope you have great day.

Happy Beerday :bigsmile:

Happy Birthday, Jamerson! Be sure to enjoy it & hope it’s a great one. :slight_smile:

Hope you have a great one spent surrounded by those who love and care about you…CELEBRATE !!! now your an old man lol


Thank you everyone. Too bad I have to work today.

@ Lin: No pouncing the MYCE.:stuck_out_tongue:

@ Bob, JC1, and Soul: Roll one up for me.

@ JC1: It would also be Lyndon Baines Johnson’s birthday were he still alive.

@ S_S: I’m not an old man yet. I’m only 29.:bigsmile:

@ Albert: Get to class.:rolleyes:

@ Geno: I want an Italian pizza and grappa for my B-day dinner. Can you arrange that?:slight_smile:

@ Everyone (((Everyone)))

@ Albert: Get to class.:rolleyes:[/QUOTE]I made it to my classes and lunch early, thank you very much. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Lin: No pouncing the MYCE.:p[/QUOTE]

I can make an exception. Perks of the job. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Yo Jamerson-


Happy B-Day!!!

Many, many more!!!


Belated happy birthday, [B]jhtalisman[/B]. :flower:

Happy belated birthday jhtalisman.