Happy Birthday bigmike7



Happy Birthday Myke!!!

DOn’t have to blow out candles at yer age … just dive right in…
Thong is yer fave flavour cake isn’t it :confused:

And many more bud :cool:


Happy birthday, BigMike! :flower:


Happy Birthday Mike :bigsmile:


I see a theme building here. Happy Birthday Mike.


Happy birthday ya old fart! Hope you have great one.


Happy Birthday Mike! You wouldn’t happen to be a Sagittarius? Or two?


Happy birthday MIke. :flower::flower:
I hope you have a great day.


Happy Birthday and many more thongs for you, you old fart!:bigsmile:


Happy Birthday Mike, you Old Fart! :flower::flower::flower:

Hope you don’t get too pudgy around the middle from all those cool cakes these guys have posted :bigsmile:


happy birthday to one of my nearest and dearest friends you’ve given me a scare this past year and i hope you have a wonderful day…you deserve it


Happy birthday dude, enjoy:clap:


Happy thongday BigMike!


Happy Birthday Mike! :flower:

Have a goodun. :slight_smile:




I am blessed to have all of you as friends - thanks for helping this Old Fart celebrate another one of his many (66) birthdays-eh!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


[B]Happy thongday BigMike![/B]


Happy birthday MIke.



Ooh, happy birthday, Mike! Hope it’s been a most wonderful one for a great guy like yourself. :slight_smile:


(Oops, I forgot.:o)

[B]Happy birthday BigMike. [/B]

Better late than never?:flower:


Sorry Mike…I couldn´t find you a cake as good as the others.
Will this do???


Happy Birthday anyway big buddy! Take care, we luv ya! :iagree: