Happy Belated Birthday to Vroom



Whoops. A couple of days late - but I hope you enjoyed your day Vroom :flower:

Happy belated birthday, and I hope there’s still some cake left :bigsmile: :flower:


Happy Belated Birthday :clap: Vroom

Hope you have many more :iagree: :smiley:


Happy late Birthday Vroom :doh:


Happy Birthday, Antonis. :flower::cool:


Happy Belated Birthday Vroom


Happy Birthday Vroom!

Sorry we’re a bit late :flower:


It was Zivija’s birthday Sunday as well, so a belated Happy Birthday to you too, Zivija :flower:


Happy birthday to both :bigsmile:



Thank you all.


[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2518576]Happy late Birthday Vroom :doh:[/QUOTE]

No that happy, the same day [B]Dio[/B] died :sad: but life goes on.

[QUOTE=geno888;2518593]Happy birthday to both :bigsmile:


Very true :iagree:.


Happy belated birthday, vroomy! :flower:


Happy belated Brithday


[QUOTE=vroom;2518606]No that happy, the same day [B]Dio[/B] died :sad:

Well look on the bright side, at least it wasn’t you! :bigsmile:

Happy Birthday and hope you had a good one. :flower:



Thank you all, again.

It was ok Wombler.


Happy belated birthday, vroom. :flower::flower:


Happy belated ( :o ) birthday from me also :flower: